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Researching at the Library: Images & Media

Research tips, resources, basics, and links to course-specific research guides.

Copyright-Free Images

Use these links to find copyright-free or limited copyright photos, maps, and more.

Keep in mind that some of the sites below collect both copyrighted and copyright-free images. You are responsible for determining the copyright status of each image you want to use.

Remember that even when an image is not covered by copyright, you still need to provide source information!

Images, Media & Citation

Please remember that because citing is a sign of respect towards other writers, researchers, and creators, all visuals need to include source information. Visuals include charts, maps, photos, and other images.

Another important reason to cite your sources is to enable others to find the same information.

Consequences to plagiarism in school and academic setting vary from failing the assignment or the whole class to being dismissed from the institution.

The following always need the source information listed:

  • quotations, opinions, and predictions (whether directly quoted or paraphrased)
  • statistics derived by the original author.
  • visuals (=charts, photos, other images)
  • another author’s theories
  • case studies
  • another author’s direct experimental methods or results
  • another author’s specialized research procedures or findings
Source: Style for Students Online by Joe Schall, Penn State University.

Note that any sounds you use in PowerPoint presentations must also be cited.

Read more at Style for Students Online by Joe Schall, Penn State University. The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) has excellent writing and citing resources.

Copyrighted Images

Boston Public Library eCard

Massachusetts State residents can sign up for a Boston Public Library eCard via the web! Just follow the prompts on the registration form and your eCard number will be emailed to you. (Use the school's address if you are an out-of-state or foreign boarder.)

BPL eCards are virtual library cards that allow users immediate entry to all of Boston Public Library's remotely-accessible electronic resources, including magazine databases, downloadable audio, video, eBooks, and music. eCard users who wish to check out library materials will be asked to upgrade to a standard BPL card.

You can find more information at the BPL website.