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Researching at the Library: Track

Research tips, resources, basics, and links to course-specific research guides.

Tracking: Play to Your Strengths

Figure out the way YOU work.

Note cards, notebooks, or word processing are all equally valid ways to keep notes. Careful planning works for some people, while others deliver their best efforts when diving randomly into their topic. Some prefer to think in cycles; others are very linear and methodical.

Adjust advice from teachers and library staff to work WITH your work style, not against it. You are the expert in what works for you.

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Note Taking Tools

Physical notebooks, colored notecards, or word processing documents are not the only way to keep track of your research. If they work for you, great! If not, you might find one of the examples here helpful.


NoodleTools is a citation management website subscribed to by Pescosolido Library. It will manage your sources, provide proper footnote format, export your Bibliography direct to Google Docs, and manage online notecards. Many databases including JSTOR and GALE export sources directly into NoodleTools.

Creating a NoodleTools account through the school will give you free access to the full version of NoodleTools with more options than the free version.