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From Our Library: Articles for Civics

Use article databases to find magazine, newspaper and journal articles, images, transcripts, and more.

These databases require a valid Governor's Academy user name



Create note cards and exportable bibliographies (works cited lists) with NoodleTools.

Important: Create your NoodleTools using the format firstname.lastname as your user name.

Creating a NoodleTools account through the school will give you free access to the full version of NoodleTools with more options than the free version.

After creating an account through our school, you can log in anywhere and keep access to the full version.

To begin, create a new project and select the Chicago Style.


Remember you must cite anytime that you:

  • Directly quote from a source (book, website, article, song, interview, etc.)
  • Restate an author's idea, theory or opinion in any way; rewording, changing the order, or summarizing someone else's work without proper citations is plagiarism
  • Use statistics, results or findings derived by another author or source
  • Cite case studies, experiments, experimental methods, or results
  • Insert visuals (charts, photos, drawings, videos or any image) not clearly labeled as free from copyright restriction


Purdue OWL

Sample Chicago Style Paper

Citation Help LibGuide

Google Docs Help Sheet with Footnotes

Database Off-Site Access

See Database Off-Site Access for usernames and passwords if you are not on campus and cannot connect to a database directly.

Note: Requires a Governor's Google account.