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Marine Bio Project: Citation Examples

In Text Citation

In-Text Component contains:

    (Author, Year, p.#) if available; or

    (Organization,Year) or

    (“Title”, Year)

Direct Quote Examples

Zhang and Bateman’s 2011 report found “direct evidence of pollution in the river” (p.288).

Many characters experienced “ghostly visitations and other paranormal activities” (Niederhoff, 2005, p. 102). 

It has been found that “a fraction of the 200,000 stars observed meet the parameters” (NASA, 2004).

Paraphrase Examples

Zhang and Bateman’s research clearly indicates that the river is polluted (2011, p. 288).

Only a small number of stars that were looked at met the parameters scientists were seeking (NASA, 2004).

Title Page Format

APA Title Page

APA General Info

APA Style generally suggests:

  • White standard-sized paper (8.5 x 11)
  • 1-inch margins all the way around
  • 12 point font--typically Times New Roman or other easily read font
  • Double-space all text (except block quotes); one space after punctuation or between sentences 
  • Number pages in upper right-hand corner beginning with the title page

Reference List Example


FDA Steps into Vaping Controversy. (2016). USA Today Magazine, 145(2857), 9.  

Frequently asked questions about vaping. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Lerner, K. L. (2014). E-cigarettes (Vaping). In K. L. Lerner & B. W. Lerner (Eds.), The Gale Encyclopedia of Science (5th ed.). Retrieved from Science In Context database.

Moore, K. (2019, October). Land Birds as Shark Prey. Natural History, 127(9), 7. Retrieved from Gale In Context: Science database.

National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2018, December 17). Teens using vaping devices in record numbers. Retrieved from

Pyburn, W. F. (1992, November). A new tree frog of the genus Scinax from the Vaupes River of northwestern Brazil. The Texas Journal of Science, 44(4), 405+. Retrieved from Science In Context database.

 Sanikini, H., Yuan, J.-M., Butler, L. M., Koh, W.-P., Gao, Y.-T., Steffen, A., . . . Stucker, I. (2018). Body mass index and lung cancer risk: A pooled analysis based on nested case-control studies from four cohort studies. BMC Cancer, 18(1). Retrieved from Science In Context database.

Image Example


Author/Artist, A. (Year). Title [Format]. Retrieved from source.  IF NO ARTIST THEN:

Title [Format]. (Year). Retrieved from source.


Figure 1. Wolffish [Photograph]. (2019). Retrieved from