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Spanish 3 Research: Home


If you are OFF CAMPUS, please use the DATABASE OFF CAMPUS ACCESS sheet with links and passwords 

Check Your Sources

Sample Topic Questions

What is the gange presence of MS-13 in Boston?

What other gangs are active in Boston?

Is MS-13 membership and crime rising in the US?

How many MS-13 members are in each state and in which states is the gang most problematic?

How do MS-13 members enter the country so easily?

How do refugees go about seeking asylum and who is eligible?

Why are so many migrants in Mexico waiting for asylum?

What are the top ideas for solving the immigration crisis?

What are the main reasons people are seeking asylum?

What is the current situation in El Salvador regarding MS-13?

Why is there so much violence and poverty in the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador)?

What are the enemy gangs of MS-13?

How has MS-13 changed in the years since it was formed?

What other countries have active MS-13 cliques in addition to El Salvador and the US?

What is it like growing up with parents who are in a gang?

What is the relationship between MS-13 and the drug trafficking industry?

What is the current situation of MS-13 in LA?

What recent activity has there been with MS-13?



Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library gives you access to numerous databases including JSTOR.  Sign up for an eCard for full access to JSTOR.

Find the databases here. Use your BPL card number and PIN.


NoodleTools is a citation management website subscribed to by Pescosolido Library. It will manage your sources, provide proper footnote format, export your Bibliography direct to Google Docs, and manage online notecards. Many databases including JSTOR and GALE export sources directly into NoodleTools. 

Important: Create your NoodleTools  account using the format firstname.lastname as your user name.

Creating a NoodleTools account through the school will give you free access to the full version of NoodleTools with more options than the free version.

After creating an account through our school, you can log in anywhere and keep access to the full version.

To begin, create a new project and select the appropriate Style.


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