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Book Suggestion Form

Book Suggestion Form

(Please complete as much as is applicable, then email to or drop off at the library: We will get back to you within a week with some reading suggestions.) 

Name of reader




Age and reading level


Are you looking for read-aloud suggestions?

Yes ___ 

No  ___ 

If yes, please list a few favorite subjects (dogs, trains, princes/princesses, dinosaurs, etc.)


Name some favorite authors


List a few favorite books (and why)


List a few disliked books (and why)


What are your favorite fiction genres?

___ Adventure

___ Books based on TV/Movies & vice-versa

___ Family stories

___ Fantasy

___ Horror

___ Humor

___ Historical fiction

___ Multicultural stories

___ Mystery & Detective

___ Romance

___ School stories

___ Science fiction

___ Sports

___ Suspense

What kind of nonfiction do you enjoy?

___ Art & Music

___ Biography

___ History

___ Humor

___ Health & Medicine

___ Politics & Government

___ Psychology & Self-Help

___ Science

___ Sports & Fitness

___ Travel

___ True Crime

Would you like to read fiction, nonfiction, or a mix of both?

___ fiction

___ nonfiction

___ both

Are there other genres or subjects that you would like to read (fiction and/or nonfiction)?


Are there any subject areas, world/political views, etc. that you would rather not read about?


Do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to read about?


Please add anything else that you think would be useful for us to find your books.