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This guide supplies guidance on places and ways to search for good health related information.

Quick Links

Database Off-Site Access

See Database Off-Site Access for usernames and passwords if you are not on campus and cannot connect to a database directly.

Note: Requires a Governor's account on google to access.


NoodleTools is a citation management website subscribed to by Pescosolido Library. It will manage your sources, provide proper footnote format, export your Bibliography direct to Google Docs, and manage online notecards. Many databases including JSTOR and GALE export sources directly into NoodleTools.

Creating a NoodleTools account through the school will give you free access to the full version of NoodleTools with more options than the free version.


Health Databases

Use a database to find journal articles and reference materials. You can choose articles which have been peer-reviewed. This means that the research the author used has been evaluated by someone who is also an expert in that field.

Note Taking Tools

Physical notebooks, colored notecards, or word processing documents are not the only way to keep track of your research. If they work for you, great! If not, you might find one of the examples here helpful.

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