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Pesky Reading Challenge

A reading challenge for students, faculty and staff

Pesky Challenge

The new year is a great time to set new reading goals and we have a great challenge for you in 2017!

Take a break from your reading rut and read smarter this year.  How does it work?  Just keep track of your own progress and join fellow readers in reading from a variety of book categories.


Rules are simple:

1.     Challenge beings January 2017 and goes through December 2017.

2.     Read 1 book per category.

3.     Read a minimum of 12 books to participate in a celebration in January 2018!*  Read more than 12 books??  If you read one book in all 25 categories you will earn a special prize!

4.     Keep track of your own progress using Goodreads, our bookmark, or a back of a napkin.  The goal is to read!

*Seniors and incoming Freshmen will be rewarded after reading 5 books.  We will have a Senior Celebration in May for those who have read 5 books.  Freshmen can participate in the 2018 celebration if you have read 4 books by the end of Dec 2017.


Goodreads is an online reading community where you can keep track of your reading, share reviews, get book recommendations and see what others are reading.

We have created a special group for the Pesky Challenge.  Here is how to join:

  1. Create a FREE Goodreads account at  
  2. Hover over "Community" at the top and a dropdown menu will appear.  Click on groups.
  3. Search for the "Take the Pesky Challenge" in the search bar.
  4. Since it is a private group, we willneed to approve you.  Once approved, you will see it in "My Groups" and you are ready to join the conversation!  

Need help?  Just ask one of the librarians to assist you.  We also have a video to get you started.