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Pesky Reading Challenge: What's the Pesky Reading Challenge?

A reading challenge for students, faculty and staff

Pesky Challenge

This year we challenge the Governor’s Academy community to read more diversely in 2018 by choosing books where a main character belongs to a diverse or marginalized group, or the book itself does not conform to a typical format. We have broken the year into 4 seasons with each season having a distinct theme. Read one, two, three (or more!) books in each season and tell us about it. Finish the year with just 4 or more books to participate in a Spring 2019 celebration.


Rules are simple:

1.     Challenge begins March 2018 and goes through March 2019.

2.     Read 1,2, 3 or more book per category. 

3.     Have every book in a category meet the criteria differently. (For example, one book with gay main character, one with a transgender character, etc.)

4.     Read a minimum of 1 book per season to participate in a celebration in Spring 2019!  Read more than 12 books??  There will be special prizes for high book counts.

5. Assigned school books should not be counted toward the challenge!

 Keep track of your own progress using our bookmark, the back of a napkin, or any way you want.  The goal is to read! 

There will be a display and bulletin board in the library to share your books on.